The New Business

The cloud paradigm is constantly evolving, however innovative and agile cloud solutions can help businesses of any size to gain a competitive edge in their industry. Cloud has the potential to become the next major driver of business innovation by enabling entirely new business models and services across a wide range of industries. Cloud provides computing power to streamline cyclical operations within the IT department, without having to build costly infrastructure, but it can also be utilized to address specific business agendas.

Our Services

Manage Cloud Services

Allows businesses to avail the power of cloud computing without the pain of becoming an expert in everything



Our 5C solution offers a smooth and stable transition from conventional development model to DevOps culture.


Talent Delivery

Being a cloud savvy company, we easily find and place right talent for your cloud requirements to create the most value



We make your cloud journey quick and secured by building a unique road map for you.


About Us

Incubated and developed by a well experienced techno-business team, VB IDEAS Private Ltd. is a multi-facets technology provider. For any developing, ambitious business, technology plays a vital and integral role to define success. Our business acumen coupled with our interest in keeping pace with the disruptive technologies empower us to build unique and innovative solutions for our client which enables them to excel in today’s competitive market.

Our Values

Customer centric: We always focus on positive customer experience.
Integrity: We do what is right, not what is convenient.
Innovative: We think and do different yet innovatively.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the best world class customer centric technological solution provider and continuously strive for offering better customer experience.

Our Work Stories

Roadmap to Medical Tourism: People who travel for medical purpose rely on a mediator who guides them through the healthcare treatments that best suit their health and budget. They depend on the mediator from the first moment of contact till through full recuperation: travel & logistics co-ordination, hospital appointments, guidance on insurance & billing, securely receiving medical reports and safely signing off to their country...

Rewards in the Cloud: Acquiring customers is much more expensive than retaining them. One of a leading retailer sought our help for their businesses that are facing stiff competition to build a Loyalty Rewards Program which enables them to hold on to their best customers as well as convert new customers into repeat buyers. Our goal was to provide a great customer experience with a well-executed customer loyalty program...

Robotic Process Automation for healthcare: As the healthcare sector grows rapidly, a leading private healthcare provider had a complex and difficult responsibility to provide superior clinical delivery and patient experience while managing costs and providing optimum financial returns. It was essential to streamline the processes not only to save the time significantly, reduce costs and gain efficiency but also increase the quality of patient care and the amount of time spent with patients....

We design and develop solutions that delight your users
and grow your business.

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